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Getting Ready To Sell

The [dreaded?] Prep Phase is often the most cumbersome, yet yields the Best Results. Just keep your eye on the Outcome that you are Anticipating, and Forge Ahead!

Saskatoon Home Seller getting ready to Sell their Home
  • Curb Appeal - Clean up the debris; Tidy the flower beds and garden areas; Mow the lawn; Paint fence/trim if needed.

  • De-Clutter - Start by packing and delivering all items that you plan to throw in the garbage, or give-away. You will save yourself a lot of time if you do this first! Then pack up those 5 extra sheet sets; The small appliances tucked away in the back of the cupboard that you seldom use; The clothes you never wear but won't get rid of. You will be so happy that you did this before staging your home!

  • Remove Excess Furniture - Keep it simple, for example: A sofa, two end tables, a coffee table, a chair or love seat; A bed, two side tables, a dresser; Remove anything that takes up floor space that isn't essential. The more furniture in the room, the smaller the room looks.

  • Pack Up Personal Pictures - We want potential buyers to be able to "see" themselves in your space which is difficult to do when they see your beautiful memories on the wall.

  • Repair - For Example: Scuff marks/Holes; Broken light fixtures; Doors and door knobs; Railings; Curtain rods; Blinds; The more you can fix, without breaking the bank, the better the impression for the buyer!

  • Clean - Start at the top of each room and work your way down: Cobwebs in the corner of the ceiling; dust on the fan blades; dirty light fixture covers (replace bulbs while you're there!); Shelving in the closets/cupboards; The walls; Windows (inside and out if possible); Bathroom fixtures; Kitchen appliances; Counters; Steam clean carpets; Wash the floors.

  • Do The Smell Test - Strong odors will turn buyers off so it is very important to ensure your home smells clean and fresh!

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