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We've all seen the movie "The Money Pit" and if you haven't, now's probably not a good time! (jks)

There are many ways of running into trouble during the home buying process, and I think it's fair to say that buying a money pit ranks pretty high on the list. There are critical steps to take to mitigate this risk such as: obtaining the PCDS (Property Condition Disclosure Statement) on the home which, if available, is filled out by the Seller; The PID (Property Information Disclosure) or the Municipal Compliance Certificate provided by the City/Municipality; and a Home Inspection by a Certified and Reputable Inspector (highly recommended). 

Saskatoon Home Buyer Home Health Guide

Some Issues that you can look out for are:

  • Lifted and/or Curling Shingles

  • Sagging Roof Line

  • Insufficient Attic Ventilation

  • Inadequate Drainage from the Eaves

  • Water sitting next to the Foundation

  • Rotting Window Sills

  • Kaput Bathroom Exhaust Fan

  • Signs of Mold in the Basement 

  • Staining on the Ceiling or Floors

  • Doors and Windows that don't open or close properly

  • Aged Out Mechanical Equipment

  • Gurgling from the Floor Drain

  • Horizontal Cracks in the Foundation Wall

The List is lengthy, and although you should keep an eye out for signs of trouble, the Home Inspector will go through the entire home specifically to uncover issues that can easily be overlooked without a trained eye.

To find out what Permits are on File for a City of Saskatoon Address click here.

Check out this CMHC Homeowner Inspection Checklist to Learn all about the Components of your Home and how to keep it Healthy! P.S. There is a very handy monthly maintenance checklist at the end of the publication!

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