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The Home Buying Process

The Search

The Best 1st Step you can make is to contact your Mortgage Specialist to get pre-approved before you begin viewing homes, so you will know your maximum price point. Once you've been pre-approved, we can start viewing homes!

P.S. I am happy to connect my clients with a Mortgage Specialist if they do not have one!

The Search

Make a list (here's a helpful guide) of what you need and want in a Home so I can set up your MLS® Home Search. When you're ready, you can email me at; give me a call at 306-291-8750; or fill out the Automated Home Search form Here so I can get it set up for you.

* If you don't know what your needs/wants are but have a maximum price, I will help you figure it out!

The Search

Once your Home Search is set up you'll receive all active listings and any new listings that come onto the market within the parameters you've requested, to your inbox. This can be set so you're notified of new listings ASAP (great in a Sellers Market!), once per day, or once a week. 

* If you decide you want to make some changes to your search, just let me know!

The Search

Go through all the listings and let me know which ones you'd like to view as well as when you're available to view them, and I'll book them. Rinse and Repeat until we find "The One"! 

* Viewing 4 homes/day is usually enough for one day, and remember to keep notes!

The Offer

You've found the Perfect Home and you want to make an Offer! Some decisions you'll need to make are: How much you want to Offer; How much for a Deposit; When you'd like to take Possession; the Terms and Conditions of the Offer; and how much time the Sellers have to Respond to Your Offer. We'll go through all of these together and the signing process, before I write the Offer. 


*Prepare in advance by familiarizing yourself with the Typical Forms used in a Home Purchase. Click Here to go to that section!

The Offer

The Sellers can choose to Accept your offer, Counter your offer, or Reject your Offer. If they accept then we move on to the next step. If they Counter then you will have a certain period of time to Accept or Reject their Counter. If they Reject then you can choose to submit a new offer or walk away. 

*I may need to reach you at a moments notice, so please keep your phone close!

Under Contract

You have an Accepted Conditional Offer! Now's the time to move into the Discovery Phase of the Home Buying Process. Depending on what the discovery phase uncovers, your choice will be to either Remove Conditions or let the deal Fall Through. If all is well you will sign off on the Conditions Removal, and once the Sellers have received it, you have a Firm Sale.

*It's time to call your Mortgage Specialist, your Lawyer, arrange for Home Insurance, Movers, and Utilities! There is a list in the Resource Section Here.

Possession Day

Possession Day has arrived and I will be waiting to hear that the keys to your new home are releasable. Once they are, we will meet at your new home and go through it together, making sure everything is as it should be. Then you can get on with the best part, Moving In!

*I am never more than a call/text/email away for any questions you have!

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