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It's Not "Business as Usual".

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Real Estate during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Real Estate during the Covid-19 Pandemic by Monique Lischka RE/MAX Saskatoon
Real Estate is not "Business as Usual" during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

For the past several weeks I have been attempting to absorb and accept the circumstances we find ourselves in at this time. It is nothing I anticipated to ever experience in my life, a feeling that is likely mutual. The effects are felt by all, and coping with our day-to-day life in self-isolation and social distancing is a state of affairs I hope to never experience again in our collective future.

It is what it is.

Moving forward with these limits on our ability to socialize with one another in person could be quite difficult if not for the technology we have at our disposal. Face Time with a friend, attending meetings on Zoom, or a Phone Call with a Family Member may not be the same as a hug or a handshake, but they will suffice for now. They have to.

As the good doctor explained to us yesterday (during one of our many meetings hosted by the Real Estate Board) the best way to protect yourself, your family members, and the Community is by staying home. He stressed that a time or two, and he is justified working in Emergency and witnessing the effects of Covid-19 first hand.

Just Stay Home.

If you are an Essential Service, that isn't an option. You are carrying the weight of our Community on your back, so to speak. To all the people who have to leave their homes to go to work and risk the safety of yourself and family, Thank You. Two small words that hardly go the distance in expressing our appreciation for what you do each day but they are from the bottom of my heart.

Providing excellent service is something I pride myself on and fundamental to the success of my business, now as much as ever. However, I must adjust the way I typically do business to accommodate the current environment. This is uncharted waters but based on the protocols set out for our Community and the Real Estate Industry as it is today, I am able to provide Real Estate services with the following guidelines and protocols:

1. As an Essential Service I am required/allowed to continue to provide Real Estate services.

2. The services I provide will be to Clients who are in a position where Buying or Selling a Home is unavoidable during the Covid-19 pandemic.

3. All of my Clients will be asked to sign a Waiver that will ask the standard questions regarding exposure to the Covid-19 Virus. This Waiver has been introduced by the Saskatchewan REALTOR'S® Association to help reduce the risk of exposure for all parties involved in a Real Estate transaction.

4. The Saskatchewan REALTOR'S® Association has mandated a "No Open House" rule until further notice.

5. Sellers: All preparation for listing your home can be done remotely with exception to one home visit that you are not required to attend. During this visit I will take measurements and photograph your home using state of the art equipment. The technology in this camera creates the Virtual Tour that buyers will use to view your home. You do not have to allow private viewings to be on the MLS® (at the time of writing this post) but this can drastically reduce the marketability of your home. In an effort to allow for private viewings we can devise a scheduled period of time once per week where a maximum of 3 people will be allowed inside your home at a time. Should there be more than one viewing planned, each group will be scheduled consecutively.

6. Buyers: If you are a buyer you should know that some sellers are not allowing private viewings. Listings may have a Virtual Tour that you can access online (look for the film reel icon) which provides a good representation of the home. If you like what you see on the Virtual Tour and a private viewing is not an option, there are clauses we can write in to the offer to protect you in much the same way as we would for a home inspection. Once you have an accepted offer you will be able to view the home and remove that Condition if it is satisfactory to you.

It is my hope that this information will help you make an informed decision regarding your next steps. I am available to help you with your home purchase or sale using the most advanced technology and preventative measures available at this time.

I wish you memorable moments with your family at home, good health, and a prosperous future.

Signed Off in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


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