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Montgomery Place

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

I have spent quite a bit of time in Montgomery Place with my Family who live in the area, and it is my favorite Neighborhood in Saskatoon! It is peaceful with a resort-like feel that you won't find anywhere else in the City. Although it is along the outskirts of Saskatoon, it is easy to get to and from with access off Circle Drive. Driving through Montgomery Place, you'll see the locals out walking their dogs, biking, or visiting with their neighbors. Just to note, there aren't any sidewalks, so the speed limit throughout the community is 40 km/hr which was fought for by the residents as a measure of safety for those out enjoying the day. This is a community that takes pride in it's rich history and nurtures the environment they live in.

Montgomery Place was named after Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery, and was established under the Veterans' Land Act to provide settlement opportunities for the Veterans when they returned from World War II.

The area was originally a part of the Cory RM until the Veterans' Land Act purchased 2115 lots on 230 acres, then, 1/2 mile West of Saskatoon. The plan for subdivision was 1/2 acre parcels so the Veterans' would be able to garden, raise chickens, and produce honey.

Not without issues, Montgomery Place eventually grew after it was opened up to civilian settlement in 1951. In 1955, it was incorporated into the City of Saskatoon with a Tax Limitation Agreement in place that the tax mill rate would be 20% less than the city rate or 51 Mills, whichever was lower. The Tax Limitation Agreement expired in 1980.

Montgomery Place was designated a National Historic Site in 2016 on the 70th Anniversary of the settlement.

According to the City of Saskatoon 2018 profile, the population of Montgomery Place was 3010 with a median personal income of $46,140.00. The average price for a Single Family dwelling at the time of the report, was $401,029, and home ownership is 77.2%. There are 2 Elementary Schools: Montgomery School with 295 students enrolled as of 2018, and St. Dominic School with 148 students enrolled as of 2018. Montgomery Place has 4 Parks covering a total of 15.3 acres and is home to the City's largest Annual Garage Sale held on the 1st weekend of May each year. There were just 120 crimes in the neighborhood over the past year, compared to Parkridge at 249 and Fairhaven at 344. The Community supports a Corner Store named Greg's Grocery where you'll find fresh baking, and from what I hear, very good Farmer Sausage! Shopping isn't far, just a few minutes to Blairmore or Confed for the Big Box stores like Walmart and Lowes.

Montgomery Place is flanked by the CN Yards Management Station, Agpro Industrial, and South West Industrial. While these Industrial operations may be considered a negative drawback, by my experience, they seem to have little impact on livability. Occasionally you'll hear trains hooking up, but I can't recall a complaint or negative comment from anyone regarding the Industrial operations around them. On average, Homes in the area sell in the high $300's which is significantly higher than the overall Saskatoon Average Sale Price which is in the mid $300's. A reflection of the Neighborhood appeal with many properties retaining the original 1/2 acre parcels and the lovely mature trees standing tall along many of the streets.

Here are some live statistics for the previous three months. The Average List Price includes all listings that were/are active, sold, expired, withdrawn, or cancelled in Montgomery Place.

Montgomery Average List Price.

Montgomery Average Sale Price.

Montgomery Average Ask to Sell Ratio.

Montgomery Average Days on the Market.

If you are interested in Buying a Home in Montgomery Place or if you've decided it is time for you to Sell your Home in Montgomery Place, please do get in touch! I Love Matchmaking and would enjoy Representing you.

Signing Off in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


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