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Omnee is an App that was created by a Saskatchewan based company that makes home improvements so much easier!

In three simple steps, get quotes on projects you would like done and then Omnee takes it from there. They screen each contractor, so you know you are getting quotes from reputable people and/or companies. 

Once you've decided, Omnee acts as your own personal Project Manager. 

Give it a try by clicking on the Omnee logo to the right, I think you'll love it!

Omni Logo.png

You may want to find your own Vendors, so I have provided some handy links.

  • Click Here for Window Cleaner's.

  • Click Here for House Cleaners.

  • Click Here for Carpet Cleaners.

  • Click Here for HVAC Contractors.

  • Click Here for Moving Companies.

  • Click Here for Landscaping Companies.

  • Click Here for Custom Cabinetmakers.

  • Click Here for Flooring Companies.

  • Click Here for Locksmiths.

  • Click Here for Tree Service Companies.

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