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Example Forms
These are the basic forms used in a Home Purchase Transaction, excluding the Fintrac Identification.
When you are ready to make an offer you will typically need to provide the following:
  • Government Identification such as a Driver's License
  • Place of work and position
  • Deposit Cheque
The following decisions will need to be made for the Offer, with the guidance of your Real Estate Professional:​
  • Offer Price
  • Possession Date
  • Conditions of the Offer such as a Home Inspection
  • Conditions Removal Date which is around 10 days or so depending on the Conditions of the Offer
  • Terms of the Offer such as what Items you want included in the Agreement

Buyer's Brokerage

  • A Contract between the Buyer and the Real Estate Agent that sets out the details of their Contractual Relationship.

Agency Disclosure

  • A Document that explains the Law of Agency and the different types of Agency in a Real Estate Transaction.

Dual Agency

  • A Document that defines duties of the Agent(s) where the Client is being Represented in a Dual Agency Relationship.

Contract of Purchase and Sale

  • The Purchase Agreement between the Seller and the Buyer that sets out the Terms and Conditions of the Transaction.


  • A Document that sets out the Buyers request(s) for various Inspections and Information.

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